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Canadian born business woman, Lisa began painting 2010 and quickly emerged an artist  She's become recognized as the creator of   PaletteArt™ a new art form using 100% acrylic recycled paint to sculpt 3D one of a kind award winning paintings  


Featured as a Modern Art Master & Top Contemporary Artist in magazines, books & exhibitions all over the world.   Her work hangs in private & museum collections next to the likes of Picasso, Renoir & Dali.  The goal is to help other artists and get them involved in paint recycling. 

You're Invited . . .

In front of Lisa's artwork, I felt a deep emotional impact, which strongly remarked the fact that this artist is called to be one of the most important and inspiring names in the history of our contemporary art world. 

Francisco Torralba - Art Consultant, Spain


Lisa Levasseur will walk you back in time with an introduction to the next Renaissance in Art.  She is bringing a re-creation of the world in her new art form that combines new techniques, colours, forms & expressions that rival the Ancient Masters.   What Michelangelo introduced in the 16th Century (vivid colours & three dimensional art form) and Leonardo da Vinci created in the 17th Century (combination of art, science & technology) Lisa Levasseur will introduce you to something extraordinary in the 21st Century.

Robert Stewart - Collector, Italy


The Art of LJLevasseur, is a type of art to observe in silence.  An art which brings the viewer to reflect on the world and it's concepts.  Her works are of considerable critical/cultural interest.  Works that analyze the world and project the visions of the aritist.  Visions that, very often, shout their truths.

Salvatore Russo - Curator, Italy


It is rare to find an artist with the conceptual scope of Lisa Levasseur. Throughout her dedicated and avantgarde approach to artistic production, she has managed in just a few years to introduce entirely new features to the realm of abstraction in art, operating though to distance herself from the most academic approaches that were conducted throughout the 20th century. Her work is not innovative because it follows the rules of abstraction, rather it is innovative because it goes one step beyond and introduces bold and dynamic ideas of technical and conceptual fusion. Such approaches are admirable when they are implemented successfully as the horizons of artistic production are broadened, and our collective culture is promoted to new heights

Thomas Lioutas - Art Critic, Greece


This new three dimensional art proposed by Levasseur, with the recycling of acrylic colours, embraces the concept of "Recycling" as a strong and valid solution for a more liveable world.  Her propostion goes deeper, through a complete new ethical vision, amimated by a pleasant optimism that only people that have been through real sufferring can share and understand.  This is also a powerful message for her public and the stylistic choices are fundamental to understanding the originality and uniqueness of Lisa's art that is strongly appreciated by curators.  Through anioconic material aepects or neutral surfaces, singular appearances can result in circular creations, as a sudden blooming of vital entities, recalling inhospitable context or not natural that hide a profound sense of life.  The sense of divine, nondenominational and pantheism, seems to slightly shape Lisa's art, pervading some spiritual connotation within her.

Silvio Ricciardone - Art Critic, Italy


Lisa Levasseur’s Art is intentionally and wanted formula that can be identified as “creative anarchy” expressing the intention of freedom and desire to create her own space in the art world without any sort of doctrinal paradigms coming from other influences.   Mainly  trying to offer the world her own vision, achieving the development of a movement coming from an accurate recycling procedure, that can be recognizable and impossible to copy. 

The main trademark is the accurate research towards the development of a dynamic vision that is extremely full of energy. 

This abstract and informal way of art is surely talking about the future, that tests human kind and also forms a certain evolution that can be categorized and included in a perception known and defined as “future expressionism” that offers a key on existence that is still unknown and not precisely identified.    

In the pieces, we can perceive a centripetal force that is strongly related with the universal dimension of the world but also the internal cosmos of the artist.   The visual pleasure of the pieces, which requires attentive observation, has a reflection on the present that is now about the future.  The unique and creative technique used, allows the artist to play around with the meaning of the piece and the composition attracts the audience with the touch of the emotional cords integrating feelings and emotions from both sides all as one.

Elena Gollini - Art Curator  & Journalist, UK


Lisa has a deep understanding and connection with nature, through observing the energy she has with horses.  She uses her art to express her thoughts on life, nature, and social conditions.  Her intention is to help people understand what they may be overlooking, ignoring, or sacrificing in life.  This positive message conveys itself in all of her pieces, demanding a satisfied and loyal following.

Viviana Puello - Editor & Chief Art Tour Int Magazine, NY


ARTIST STATEMENT;  I am moved by the actions, history and events that shape mankind, by nature or anything that touches the human spirit.  It translates into all this energy, which I can express in a positive way through artwork; I only hope it inspires the same passion, love and hope in others. 


You can make a difference, let's paint the world with Recycled Paint !

Learn how or help Support our Artists ! - L J Levasseur

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