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PaletteArt Best Art Practices

We encourage all artists to do their best to become social environmental leaders and make a difference in their communites

Well...  truth is you already are, so what you want to do with that we can't answer...  so just sharing from our experiences!









Education is key...


Don't buy into all the hype, do your research & consider what is truly best for social and environmental issues as opposed to our conscience or pocket books.  The intent may be good...  "Not all green practices are green".  We are hear to try and help, please take responsibility for your actions and think about the greater good.  


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Questions Matter...


As artists we are in conversation with the world, what do you want to say ?!  Think about that responsibility and the influence you can have.  Imagine what can be done to help create positive change in the world today.

Sometimes it's simply the question that matters most, it's not up to us to have all the answers.

Be Open Minded...


Try to imagine there are no problems, only solutions, think of things from every perspective and be positive.  There are no limits when we can have respect for the world around us and try to understand each other. Working together we can always come up with a better understandings and find ways to work together..

Get Resourceful...


You can start anywhere, just focus on wasting less, the little things add up, consider how you can expand your work by incorporating recycled paint or salvaged materials.  You don't have to limit yourself, think of it as having more to work with, learn new creative processes and expand on the possibilities of what art can be.  

Where to start...


By rethinking all of our choices and considering what we can do better, don't ever regret mistakes, they are lessons learned and we have every right to make them and learn from it.  Denial is the worst mistake we can ever make, none of us are perfect and anyone can change.  Keep making positive step in the right direction.

Forget the Box...


There is no limit to what already exists, we have proven creative abilities well beyond that, there is greater potential than what we have realized.  Imagine that we could be years ahead today, what then?  First imagine where you want to be, then determine how you are going to get there, where there's a will there's a way.

Keep Trying...


Keep trying, don't give up, back down or give someone the power to stop you, where there is a will there is a way.  We always have the freedom to choose, be it good or bad.  Some choose to die for their beliefs and that is the ultimate sacrifice.  Every thing and every life matters, don't let anything bad ever stand in your way.   






You make it happen...


Anyone can get involved, it's the believe and effort to keep working at it, our support can help, but it has to be for your own sake and benefit.  All contributions are welcome, good or bad, there is always something to be learned from one another and ways we can make a difference .  What matters is that you.

What has to change...


We're not here to answer that, it's up to each individual to make their own decisions.  We can point out directions, shed light and share experiences.  Through the eyes of an artist the world can identify with each other or see things differently.  Art belongs to everyone and therefore can't be judged any one way.   

Is it your business...


Yes, it's not up to us to judge, art and the business of art are two very different things.  To be a professional, we generally have to make money at it and that's certainly not easy.  So celebrate each others success and just be concerned with your own choices.  Try not even judging your own art, give things a chance & see.  

Waste not want lots...


Try not to waste anything, every little bit can make a difference.  Paint rags are re-useable, but there's costs to production & laundry.  How about re-puposing & bio-degradable products?  LJL started incorporating these painted fabrics into PaletteArt fashion and we have artists that create artwork out of them.

Whats more...


Art can create toxic waste, so please be careful how you dispose of it.   You can let waste water evaporate, then  you have the stuff left to make PaletteArt, along with all dried up left over paint on Palettes, even off the floor.  There are plenty of ways, online resources and disposal facilities available to help.

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"I can always use more recyled paint, to make art!"  - LJL

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